About Us

Founded in 2006 with a desire to help both small and large companies bring their software products and projects to reality. Superior Design has grown to offer project management services that help transform companies that use software to their advantage rather than change their processes to fit a particular software’s implementation.

We are experienced business savvy engineers who understand the technical aspects of software implementation and the business implications to the users of it. Need some help understanding today’s complexity, contact us for a consultation.

Our Philosophy
We believe that everything starts with a good design and we have over 30 years of experience in design, planning and implementation. Superior Design was founded on the premise that the design stage is the most important part of the software development process. We believe that a high quality product is such because of it’s design and apply these same principles to a product, program and project plan. Our methodology combines excellent engineering knowledge with best practices gathered over 25 years. Our experience spans multiple industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and finance. Keeping our customers informed of the latest trends, we update yesterday’s market and overcome tomorrow’s challenges. Our goal is to deliver useful products and services at a reasonable price so our customers can maintain their competitive advantage.

Investment in Society
At Superior Design, we believe even a small contribution to society will make for a better future. Here are our investments:

global project solutions earth

Global Project Solutions
Project Management service to help foreign companies with their local projects in Japan.

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Click to display the dudula kids English Web site.

dudula kids
Early childhood development English language learning for K-6.

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Click to display the holo holo Flower&Gift Web site.

holo holo Flower&Gift
Hawaiian style leis and flower arrangements for corporate events, weddings, birthdays and any special occsassion requiring a tropical touch.

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Corporate Information

Name Superior Design Incorporated
Address 661-121 Higashi Koiso, Oiso
Naka Gun, Kanagawa 255-0004
Phone/Fax 81-(0)463(67)7920
Email info@superiordesign.jp
URL http://www.superiordesign.jp
Established February 14, 2006
Capital ¥3 million